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Central Victorian Darkrooms

Photography diary

Winter 2015

 Photographing around Bendigo

Rowan Street Winter, 2015, Silver Gelatine PrintRowan Street Winter, 2015, Silver Gelatine Print

 July 2015

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island View, 2015, Silver Gelatine PrintLord Howe Island View, 2015, Silver Gelatine Print












Professionally printed Black and white prints on either resin coated or fibre based paper


Glass plates and other unusual neg sizes printed


Exhibition printing




Film Processing

35mm, medium format rolls and 5 x 4 inch sheets                  


Proof sheets

10x8                                            $ 20.00




Photographic Prints       Resin Coated           Fibre Base                                  


(In inches)


5x7                                               $20.00                               $25.00


10x8                                            $30.00                                $40.00


11x14                                          $50.00                                $70.00    


16x20                                          $80.00                                $100.00


20x24                                          $100.00                              $120.00 




All Prints are hand printed to the highest professional standard. Spotting and heat pressing prints is also offered.